Breaking Social Norms – Episode 1: “Excuse me”

“Never say anything that doesn’t improve on silence”. That’s the sentence I try to live by, hence why I despise mindlessly following social conventions. (Nowadays I try to employ smalltalk but it usually is a failure)

People at work get annoyed if they are in my way but I just slide around them without saying “excuse me” whenever it’s physically possible.  In fact, for me saying “excuse me” if you can avoid it is what a passive-aggressive asshole would do. It’s the same as crying “Oh, look at me. I’m busy and you are in my way” and interrupts whatever the other person is doing.

On the other hand not saying anything and gracefully sliding around the person (without physical contact) shows that you are actually mindful and aware of other people even if they themselves aren’t. But forget the niceties, it’s also the most efficient approach because it wastes less time for both parties.

Excuse me, I’ve got to eat.


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